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What is it about?

We are experiencing a world in transformation. This includes digitalisation. The corona pandemic is increasing the use of digital means for communication and business. This is not only a technological change, it also affects the individual's behaviour, the ways of living together, society and politics. To understand the new, to meet it confidently, to develop digital maturity is a learning task for everyone. Hence this Wiki.

Who is this platform for?

Adult educators and European citizens with an interest in society, politics and the future.

What do we offer?

We understand digitalisation as a process that presupposes and promotes technological change, brings change for the whole society and is politically framed. Digital literacy does not mean adapting to technological change in the best possible way only. Acquiring technological knowledge and skills goes along with developing an awareness of the various dimensions of digitalisation and to ask how it can be shaped so that digitalisation serves the well-being of all. To this end, we offer various considerations. Moreover, the contributions contain descriptions of formal and non-formal training methods. They were tested in joint workshops to be applied in adult education.

Who informs?

The authors are adult educators from Germany, France, Romania and Spain. The idea of this cooperation is combining our different competences as IT teachers, engineers, psychologists and social scientists and work with both formal and non-formal methods for adult education.

Enjoy reading. Write comments. Get in touch with us.

More information on the project is available on its website http://digilit.weltgewandt-ev.de

HINWEIS: Zwei Artikel sind auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Einer zu Big Data, der andere zum Aktuellen Strukturwandel von Öffentlichkeit.

digilit Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


marie, 2020/08/27 16:07
Interesting and hot topic.
Alexandros, 2020/09/01 10:24
Sure, we live in a world of several transformations. This wiki helps to grasp ideas to better understand how it changes our lives and societies. I will recommend it. But why only in English?????
weltgewandt e.V., 2020/09/01 15:38
Yes, the wiki is in English only. Why? It is a so-called small project and there is no funding for translations. However, two articles are in German available: Big Data and The Current Structural Change of the Public Sphere.

Das Wiki ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar. Warum? Es handelt sich um ein "kleines" Projekt, bei dem keine Mittel für Übersetzungen zur Verfügung stehen. Zwei Artikel liegen auf Deutsch vor, er zu Big Data und der zum
Aktuellen Strukturwandel von Öffentlichkeit. Siehe die Links am Ende dieser Seite.
Adriana, 2020/09/01 19:08
This is a very good idea. Personaly, as a parent, I am interested on developing/improvement of the education system in Romania. How would be implemented (the ideas, system rehabilitation) in the real system of education? Thank you.
Talida, 2020/09/02 10:31
Platforma propusa este o idee foarte interesanta si de un real folos.Avand in vedere schimbarile majore din campul educational, cu totii simtim nevoia de a fi mai competenti din punct de vedere digital, asa ca proiectul vostru este binevenit.
Miguel, 2020/09/02 10:56
Great initiative.

There's a real issue on the differences among families and social groups. They have skills, equipment and attitudes and public policies have to ensure an equal access to digitalisation.

I hope this platform contributes to that goal.
Alice, 2020/09/02 22:47
Clear overview. Important to be more aware on these topics, at least on the difference between digitisation and digitalisation.
Sedat Olmez , 2020/09/03 15:27
There are lots of people who believes that they are all able to use digital platforms and aware of things which are big threats to users. To me governments of the countries should make law and design the digital lives of people and surely they should also watch the freedom of people.
Julie, 2020/09/16 18:57
We should be more aware on what we are doing when we deal with digital devices. Thank you for all these information!
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