Empowering Digital Literacy

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The Basics of Digital Maturity

Reflect your digital activities

Don't forget to ask yourself each time as you are on line: if I do this, what does it bring me as benefit? Who can have problem with it? Do I really want this? Why is it so difficult to be aware of all the things I am doing in Internet?

Be careful with free services

Be aware, that when you use a free service on the Internet, you are paying with your data and your freedom. Not all the free services are bad (the free sofwares are not), but when you are using a free service, be careful, and ask yourself, why it is so.

Try always to solve your problem alone

Ask the others for help, only if you had no success in solving your problem after 30 mn. Search the internet for a solution and browse the forums.

Know your digital (and "analog") rights

Learn more about them by informing yourself.

Don't accept any sale or entry conditions without having a look on them

Try to have a look on them. If they are very long and impossible to understand, you should be careful.